Hey guys! I'm EVILC4T, and I'd like to welcome you to a little introduction/background on myself. It all started when I was very young, music found me, and it became a sort of an escape for me. I taught myself Music Production and how to play the guitar and sing at a very young age. During highschool I used to take 3D Design & Animation classes that were being offered after school hours for free, and I managed to rank 1st place in a contest in 3D Design at the end of the school year. At that point I was already a musician, producer and artist, so I jumped into buying myself a mixer and learning to DJ, gotta make a living somehow with all that talent right? (I'm sure everyone in the field knows about this struggle), and the years after that were spent honing my skills through DJing at Nightclubs, Private Events and Parties, a lot of practice and a lot of research.

During college up until now, I've taught myself how to code and develop applications, and fell in love with it. Creating something out of nothing using just code is a process as beautiful as giving birth, except to a machine. At one point, I realized the power of having a creative artistic mind as well as a technical one, put two together and you get a beautiful creation of something unique. That is when I started experimenting with game engines, and not necessarily to create videogames, but to take whatever idea I have or had in my imagination and turn it into something that I can see, touch, and hear and share it with the world. As I got comfortable doing that, my work received a lot of recognition in online and offline communities, and I decided to open myself up to helping other individuals, and artists such as myself, as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Why you? What makes your work unique?"

I get asked that frequently, but fear not! Answers incoming!

Well for starters, everything I do, and everything I create, is solely my work and my work only. Everything I do and everything I create is delivered at the highest level of perfection, with zero tolerance for anomalies. Allow me to elaborate... When a club owner reaches out to me to book me for an event or a weekend, I don't just show up to make a quick buck, drink on their expense and call it night, NEVER. Hours of preparation and rehearsals are invested in all upcoming events and gigs to ensure that no mistakes are made. It is one thing to screw up a mix at home, and another thing in front of a crowd. I show up prepared and early with my crew, setup my gear, warm up, and professionally deliver the most satisfying nights to everyone in the venue.

Music Production - My music is not limited to my niche, but is expandable to various genres, I've produced Festival Electro House, Deep and Tropical House, Mid-tempo, Dubstep, and anything your mind can imagine. And of course, in order to produce radio-level commercial tracks that sound beautiful on any system, you need to know what you're doing, meaning that you need to understand music on a science-based level, such as frequencies, waves, and notes, and how to manipulate them to achieve the sound that you want. A lot of my tracks if not most, contain instruments that I engineered from scratch using Serum. And a lot of my tracks contain Vocals that I recorded and manipulated myself (As mentioned earlier, I learned singing at a young age).

3D Design & Animation - If you visit my Youtube Channel you will see my latest projects that I've shared with the public and the amount of work I put into them. Depending on the project, it can take several weeks, up to several months to complete. A lot of work is put in creating assets and 3D models in Cinema 4D and Blender and programming Animation in Unreal Engine if any Animation or Characters are required. You can also stay posted with my overall work on my Instagram.

So back to the question, "Why EVILC4T?

Because EVILC4T abides by very high and strict ways of operation, and this goes by

"Nothing worth having comes easy"

Hence, anything touched and delivered by EVILC4T is done so with love, effort, and the highest level of satisfaction.

EVILC4T's Values

What's your mission? What are your values?"

My mission and goal in being EVILC4T is bringing joy, happiness, and an escape to all those searching for it. I put a lot emotion and energy in my music, in my graphics, my concepts, and I'm certain that there people and fans out there that appreciate them, and find comfort and euphoria in my tunes.

The world today is not a very happy one, and to me, when I make music, when I take my imagination and turn it into graphical representations, it's a way of spreading light in this darkness that we live in. Nothing makes me happier than seeing everyone jumping and screaming together at one of my live shows like there's no tomorrow. The way humanity should be, how it was long before this modern day corporate and bureaucratic slavery prevailed. And I wish to spread that joy wherever possible by providing memorable shows as I continue to grow, and by putting my services to use for those seeking it such as musicians, aspiring artists, and individuals.

Raving like there's no tomorrow and spreading joy is my mission and my values.