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Highly Skilled DJ and Producer For Memorable Euphoric Moments

EVILC4T is a highly experienced DJ and EDM producer, featured in several Mau5trap streams, bringing life to any party. With expertise in Progressive House, Electro House, and Darkwave/Synthwave, EVILC4T provides satisfaction to all flavours of music fans through diverse and smooth mixing of all genres to fit a venue's needs

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Raves... Events... Private Parties

Whether you're looking for a weekend at a Nightclub, an Underground Rave, a medium to large sized event, or a Private Party on a boat in the middle of nowhere, EVILC4T and Team can cater to your needs with the highest form of entertainment.
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3D Design and Animation Dev

At EVIL Productions, EVILC4T utilizes the latest technology of various 3D Design Software and Engines to provide breathtaking custom 3D Environments, Graphics, Assets, and Videos.
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